Venus stands before me breathtaking and beautiful and whispers in a voice that could melt iron,

"Do you want to love and be loved? Do you want passion and depth, to be worshiped and adored, to know that you are safe and worthy of the most exquisite tenderness? Do you want devotion and to be left yearning for more?  You want trust. You want a love affair so abundant that it moves mountains, heals your soul, and satisfies your every earthly desire."

"Yes," tears roll down my face.

"Tell me then, how much love are you capable of giving?"

I always wake up at this part.


This is a dream I’ve literally had hundreds of times.  It is my subconscious telling me how desperately I want to love and be loved.

We all want this.

Venus, the Goddess of Love, teaches us that we have all the love we need inside us.  Only when we learn the true meaning of Self-Love and how to get there, can we share this magnificent love with others.

When I decided to be Venus for a day, it was magical. I focused on loving myself, honoring myself, and worshipping myself as the exalted Goddess of Love herself.  

Your lover will begin to see you as the Goddess you truly are, and the interaction is delightful.

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